The sun in the mist hazy show come out, my mother and I step on the country roads, green grass, be fertile plump Road water moisture tube amp, a small dew on the grass is crystal clear. My shoes had been wet with dew soaked, to end, in the hazy sunlight, I work steadily step on the path. I was too young to understand truth is not the mother, not too understand! But mother was illiterate, but she can give me that classical education words, every word is dim sum, remember!

The mother is what a smart woman with a tolerant! I'll have a look I leave footprints, to slowly dim sun baked, occasionally there will be some footprints not much, if any show on the grass, footprints while stem, and the teachings of his mother all my life I remember for a lifetime! The mother is what I admire most in my life Maid Agency!

The father is not in good health, died early, father to me is strange and familiar! But his father resolute and integrity, to teach me not forget! I remember my father when the body is not good, he took me and my brother to him, his father said: "the children you are men, men's shoulder to rigid, man's shoulders to pick out the man's moral integrity, always remember below knee gold man, kneel only heaven and mother, it is a benefactor"! If a man lost men should adhere to the integrity, even if you get too much, in others' eyes are still is a wimp! His father's rigid integrity education, in my young heart never dies nuhart!

The former childhood brilliant childhood, in the years of promotion, I have now is thirty years of age. In my experience of life after suffering, how I know life is not easy! I was mortal, nature also have narrow side. But the mother euphemism defend tolerant teachings and father and domineering, is how many times I in the face of secular interests under the decree, I'm not stick to my last life line, parents' education and pulled me back. I have wanted to retaliate against those behind the framed my villain, answer blows with blows to make them ten times to pay. But every time when I thought the cruel do, my ears non-stop correction mother tolerant education. So I didn't have the heart, the mother said to me, to have the heart of tolerance, to weigh everything is non, so my life force will live beautiful calm!

Every time I want to give up the interests of rigid and integrity, father ambition just defend, help me and hold the life the last line of defence!

But my father and mother, your idea, really in the years of vicissitudes, really too slim. Your mother told me to read, the knowledge will rise head and shoulders above others. Father, you taught me to be strong integrity, will be to one's respect! But is that true? The death of reading in the world eyes too pedantic, being too rigid, is easy to have just broken? In the long years on the road, experienced countless times feeling, let me feel deeply? Only that the hypocrisy of smooth, and the softness of the people in the do a job with skill and ease will walk in the way of life!

Long years, amid the relentless. No matter how people change in the years to come, I still believe that the human world of beauty! Years of my mind from the simple transformation into a sophisticated, put my innocence into a sleek. But no matter how to change, I will still keep the teachings of their parents and good genes! This is my nature, is my yearning! I will always stick to the life the last line of defense, walking in the long years road!

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