Danny-Seo-Upcycling-CelebrationsWith his latest book, Upcycling Celebrations, eco-friendly lifestyle guru Danny Seo delivers a year's worth of cleaver and creative ideas for using items you already own (think wire hangers, old clothing, and ribbon) for decorating, gift-giving Tape replacement, and entertaining. I've worked with Seo several times (check out How to Throw a Green Party and The Green Kitchen) and one thing is for sure: He is filled with ideas for the most unexpected projects, whether practical, whimsical, or both.

Consider the plastic bag. In Upcycling Celebrations, Seo turns this everyday item into party decorations, flower gift toppers, and Christmas tree ornaments.

Seo's book features projects for holidays and special occasions throughout the calendar year, including New Year's Eve, Easter, Passover, birthday parties, backyard barbecues, Halloween, Thanksgiving Jewelry hong kong, Christmas, and Hanukkah. Most of the projects are simple and straightforward and many require just a handful of materials or tools, which is especially good for those of us that don't craft on a regular basis. Plus, Seo keeps his instructions short and to the point. You'll know what to do without getting bogged down in details.

Projects that caught our eye include fall gourd place markers made with string and dried pumpkin stems, candles molded from wine bottles, a bar built out of wooden shipping pallets, and an eclectic Seder plate made with spoons and small plates. So, if you're looking at a junk drawer full of old Chinese takeout menus, a hall closet stuffed with old clothes, or a recycling bin bursting with wine bottles, let Seo be your guide to turning this "garbage" into gift wrap, candles, centerpieces, party decor, and more There\'s already in the market, vape cartridge for herbal extract, aka herbal concentrates! Its full ceramic body and metal seal makes it healthier and leak proof. The cartridges are easier to re-fill as well!.

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