Sit in the blue afternoon, flipping through the years to write the diary, pen marks painted those confused, and so clear. Between negligence, disorganized gap I put the Buddha saw my future because there is no sunlight has been in the dark! Sunset, or disappear in the furthest hills, the sky the morning calm restored, if not personally see the sun from rising to falling, who knows this autumn under blue light was across a beautiful arc?

Could the road of life is full of frustrations and pain just doomed? On the way ascetic, also often ask myself discount designer sunglasses, Why in this life are my fate in what? No one can answer, I do not answer to anyone aspiring to, or no one can answer. But, the day is still hurried along, something unknowingly lost in the indifference of. Between gain and loss, never touched a see homeostasis, can not grasp. Life, originally just a dream.

The face of all kinds of life, literally and discrete sadness trouble, in pain and loneliness stay together, wandering with sadness forever, I can do these trivial effort, you simply can not see love; experienced life All these completely accustomed sadness come and gone, the pain in the loss of any wanton spread of any heart-breaking in alone growing, I have become accustomed to only a sad day, and gradually learn to forget, sometimes forgotten, bearing in mind more than the expression the heart unwilling frustration.

Life, what really doomed just a dream? When happiness was gone, the pain can not stop when it all really only false, then my stick Private Cloud, what is for? Life, what really doomed just a dream? All growing, all the debauchery, all bustling what can only be turned into dust, then I firmly believe that what is for what? Life, what really doomed just a dream? It can only be a dream, but I still hope God-given how little pain can point, and then gave me was safely sheltered, but can it?

All this is just my persistent Shexiang it, just Shexiang it. Life is not so easily, how can any time I want it how. So, I choose to continue to pursue, to pursue that touch of longing for the sun can not reach. In this process, but also know there is calm and the term exists.

My life and growth, but we need a strong reason to change to allow the fragile, need a sad excuse to give up. Should everything be found, as long as I can breathe, as well as pulse and heartbeat, then I will hold up the backbone of the spirit of life, burst out of the spark of life. My footprints spread to the boundless horizon, where there is a thin back toward the front continued forward, forward, and finally cemented a mood of deep touch of the sun in the picture mosaic iPhone cover!

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