While it may be mid-August, my baking brain is already shifting toward fall. I find myself thinking about pears and apples and all of those warm, comforting desserts that I love interactive digital signage.

And caramel! Lots of warm, gooey caramel. Please tell me I’m not alone!

As I’ve been trying to balance the fact that it’s still summer with my longing for all things fall, I thought these blondies-slash-cupcakes would be the perfect transition. They have that small, portable, picnic-y feel to them that makes them a great summer choice. But, they also have plenty of nuts and a nice swirl of gooey caramel, which always makes me think of fall.
Another mark in the plus column for these blondies is their great sweet and salty flavor. We all know how much I love sweet and salty desserts dermes, and these blondies are no exception. I incorporated salted nuts into the batter and then topped each blondie with a salty, crunchy pretzel. If you’re feeling especially salty, you can even sprinkle a little coarse salt over the top of each one before you bake them.

These little guys are a great grab-and-go sweet snack. Baking them in muffin pans as opposed to in a rectangular pan gives the simplicity of single serving, no cutting involved dessert. Of course, if you prefer to make these in more traditional bar form, they will work just as well. Just follow the suggestions I made in the recipe for adapting them.
I just love the flavors in these blondies. And, they’re so soft and chewy, too Wire Hooks Display. If you’re a fan of all things nutty, caramel-y, sweet, salty, and all-out delicious, then you’re sure to love them, too!

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